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Better Monetization


Turn customers into active users with smart content recommendation on your devices . Our white Label App store solution will be installed on user’s device in a non-intrusive way and will help lead to a higher revenue. Our solutions give OEMs and carriers the tools they need in order to create long-lasting relationships with their users. Thereby allowing you to Engage with user and generating revenues after the initial sale.


Meeting Users Where It Matters

Out of the Box Experience

Start engaging with users from the moment they set up their device. Guides users through an engaging and data-driven app selection process, empowering them to customize their device with the exact content they want.

Leave preloads behind

Users choose only the apps they want, making pre-loads a thing of the past. The end result is a device filled with apps that reflect the user’s interests and personality.

The best apps for your users

Benefits from our relationships with global advertisers, ensuring you’re always able to offer high-quality, relevant content your customers will enjoy.


Use re-engagement notifications to provide utility, not push advertising. We gives you the power to anticipate the apps your customers will need, exactly when they need them. Leveraging real-time data, you’ll be able to recommend the most relevant apps at the right times.

Discovery Hub

Our discovery hub adds another touchpoint to engage with users, providing a comprehensive, branded collection of the world’s best apps for your users to enjoy throughout the lifetime of the device.


Insights That Drive Business Strategy. We unlock the black box of post-purchase activity, creating a window into how customers are using your devices and giving you a completely unprecedented understanding of customer behavior. Using a combination of app, device, and carrier data, our platform provides device manufacturers and carriers with truly unique business insights.


Your dashboard contains all the data you need to optimize performance, including geos, devices, and revenue, all updated in real-time. From here, you can quickly find out how your campaigns are performing, allowing you to adjust and optimize your revenue and engagement strategies.

Real-Time Revenue

Our analytics aggregates global campaign data with real-time app installations to give you the full picture of your revenue streams.

Network Performance

From its unique position on the device, we can collaborate with carriers to deliver anonymous data regarding network performance, with segments including location and device type.

Live Devices

Our analytics allows OEMs and carriers to go beyond shipment data to see exactly how many of their devices are active and in which geos.

What Our Clients Say

After working with Smsinfosys on several projects, we feel that we’ve found a reliable partner. Manu’s team is efficient, fastidious, flexible and always responsive to our needs. They have a solid process, from start to finish and they’ve proven that they understand our creative, technical/functional specifications and business requirements.

Abdul Quadir, SEO

My experience working with Smsinfosys on several projects has been outstanding. Their professionalism and meticulous attention to detail has enabled us to get complex projects right the first time.

Perwez Ahmad, Project Manager

Our experience with SmsInfoSys has been superb. In this fast and changing market it’s important to have a partner who is quick to react and is very responsive. The guys at SmsInfoSys respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help us reach the best results possible. I would definitely recommend them as a business partner and hope to grow our partnership with them!

Paul Thomas, Senior Sales Manager

Who we Are

Our Team, Started Mobile Software Development and Testing in 1998 for clients like COMMAND, HUTCH, AIRTEL later in year 2004 stared Trade/Business Journey, Build up Brand Hongkong in 2005 and franchise registered in Italy, Hong Kong, China, India UAE. We are now one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Agency.


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